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Construction + Truckyard

Construction sites contain many high value items and, therefore, these sites are often targets for criminal activity. Also, many construction sites lack adequate security. Our highly skilled security guards will provide you with protection for materials, equipment, people, and property at construction sites.

In today's market, logistics and transportation have become extremely competitive. Delivery delays or stolen trailers are quite common and makes a huge impact on day-to-day operations. Our security guards are trained to screen and prevent any suspicious activities, ensuring that day-to-day business can run efficiently.

Our services include, however are not limited to: 

  • Mobile vehicle patrols in a marked or unmarked vehicles

  • Stationary security guards at construction site entrances

  • Security guard patrols throughout the site and the surrounding area

  • Live remote video monitoring

  • Time-lapse video

  • Monitoring of surveillance cameras and reacting as necessary

  • Co-operation with the authorities as they arrive (in the event of a
    crime or another emergency situation)

  • Personal security to and from the construction site or individuals as necessary

  • Check reefers

  • Operate gatehouse, checking IDs

  • Provide an inventory of loaded and empty trailers

  • Create detailed reports of breaches within the perimeter fence and inventory flux

  • Maintain hourly patrols to identify suspicious activity

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