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Security Services

Integrated Security Operations + Workforce Management Platform

Getting The Most Out of Our Officers.

Our officers are equipped with easy-to-use technology to stay on top of security tasks ensuring that people and assets are protected at all times. Our software ensures officer accountability, improves operational efficiency and enables better communication between officers, operations and management.

Improve Efficiency & Accountability

From post orders, incident & activity reports to attendance tracking, officers are guided step-by-step through their assigned tasks and are enabled to complete their shifts efficiently.

Increase Productivity

Our software increases security officer productivity by over 30% giving our clients the service they deserve.

Optimize Security in Real Time

Validate key performance indicators (KPI) and get real-time visibility into the security situation to be able to reallocate resources where they are needed the most.

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Retail + Industrial

Office Building

Office + Corporate

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Film Production

Events + Film Production

Monitoring Room

Security Intelligence

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