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Luxury House


Our residential security services will keep you, your loved ones and your property safe and secure. Whether you manage or own a residential dwelling, gated community or apartment complex, we can provide access control, mobile patrols, security camera monitoring and more. We work directly with residences and management boards to deliver tailored services.


We also provide quick response to emergency alarms for individual residences and larger complexes. This practice is often more immediate than contacting the police, and our residential security teams are trained to handle complex situations and will work directly with police and other authorities as necessary to advance and solve an investigation.

Our services include, however are not limited to: 

  • Security vehicle patrols (daytime + overnight patrol)

  • Deter and respond to criminal activity

  • Home watch (perimeter, door/shed, window mchecks, mail + package pick ups)

  • Family protection + elderly watch

  • Vacation watch services

Need more details? Contact us.

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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